E3's Unmentionables: What Microsoft, Nintendo & Sony Forgot To Say

Earlier this week Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony each hit the show with big news, unveiling a slew of major titles, major surprises and innovative technology.

But despite a strong showing across the board at the big three press conferences, there were still quite a few things left unsaid. Like what about that rumored PlayStation 3 slim? Or Microsoft's promise to fill us in on how the Zune HD would work with the Xbox 360? And why no word on Pikmin 3 from Nintendo?


Fortunately, Stephen Totilo has wrapped up all of the things we missed at this year's trifecta of top-tier press conferences for your easy access and grousing.

Things Unmentioned At The Sony Press Conference
Things Unmentioned At The Nintendo Press Conference
Things Unmentioned At The Microsoft Press Conference

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