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These are the things we thought Sony would or should mention at their E3 2009 press conference, but didn't:

PS3 Slim: If you're going to show all the other things that leaked in the weeks before the Sony press conference then why not show us the rumored PS3 Slim? Or was that the one leak that was fake?


Insomniac: Most recent Sony E3 press conferences have included some sort of appearance by Insomniac Games' developers to play a Ratchet or Resistance game on stage. Even though a Ratchet game is slated for release later this year, footage was relegated to a compilation reel and no special attention was given to Insomniac.


Heavy Rain: Sony hasn't been hiding Heavy Rain from the press. The game was included in its pre-E3 media event. But this hyped game, which has been built with the intent to attract a wider audience interested in more mature storytelling, only got the trailer reel treatment.

Starhawk: We thought some things were brewing for the Warhawk series, including a journey into outer space. Guess not for E3.

Metal Gear Solid Rising: Unless we were supposed to think that Metal Gear Solid Rising was an Xbox 360 exclusive, then why not mention or show clips or even a logo of Kojima Productions' newly-announced game?


Price Drop: No? Not yet?

Did Sony omit anything you were expecting?

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