E3 Exhibitor Space Already 90% Full

The return to the glory days of the E3 Expo has been very well received by the industry, with the ESA announcing that exhibitor space for the June show is already 90% filled.

More than 100 exhibitors have signed up to show at this year's rejuvenated Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, demonstrating the wisdom behind the Entertainment Software Association's decision to give people what they want. With the ESA claiming that they're well on track to make their 40,000 attendee target, this year's E3 should be a wild, chaotic, colorful, sweaty mess of a trade show, which is exactly how we like it. Heck, even industry analyst supreme Michael Pachter is excited.


"E3 Expo is back, and that's a very good thing. The conference is being held at just the right time, with June late enough in the year for the publishers to feel confident about game quality, and early enough in the year to generate retail buzz...E3 Expo will re-establish itself as the preeminent North American computer and video game show, and also will likely be considered the preeminent computer and video game event globally."

Remind me to buy that guy a free beer at the show.

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