E3 (pardon Ned's medieval spelling here), the world's biggest video game trade show, is about to begin. Today.

OK, well not technically today; the show itself doesn't open until Tuesday. But the two biggest draws for the week, the major press conferences by platform holders Microsoft (9am PDT) and Sony (6pm PD), are being held later today, as are EA's (1pm PDT) and Ubisoft's (3pm PDT) events.


Kotaku will of course be there to cover all four conferences live. We'll have people on the ground at each show, we'll be hosting livestream broadcasts wherever possible, and if you're stuck on a phone or the streams go down we'll even be liveblogging like it's 2006.

You can see the full schedule of events for this year's E3 here.

And because most of you aren't on California time, here's a time converter so you can work out just when 9am PDT is in your part of the world.