Dysfunctional Game Development Comedy Mythic Quest Returns In May

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Mythic Quest, the dark workplace comedy about pouring your heart and soul into a creative project only to be undermined by everyone around you, comes back to Apple TV+ for its second season starting May 7, Apple announced today.


While the first season saw a game studio fall into chaos as it tried to ship and update the latest expansion for its fictional MMO, the new series will focus on the partnership between Ian (Rob McElhenney) and newly promoted co-creative director Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao), as they hash out what the future of the game should be.

Here’s the teaser:

The series, developed in collaboration with Ubisoft, debuted a year ago, and then-deputy editor Maddy Myers and I had a lot of positive things to say about its sometimes light-hearted, sometimes unflinching approach to portraying the grim whimsy of the video game industry.

Since then, a number of reports have come out about the working conditions at many studios, including at Ubisoft, where last summer many employees were accused of sexual misconduct, abusive behavior, or fostering toxic work environments. We’ll see if and how Mythic Quest tackles those issues.

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I want to watch this but it’s on Apple TV.