Microsoft's multi-touch Surface table may not seem like an efficient use of one's cash, but if this Dungeons & Dragons demo from the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University moves beyond "proof of concept" we'll start considering a purchase.

As clearly noted in the below video, this is a work in progress tech demo from a sextet of CMU students that touches on some of the more superficial, but supercool, portions of running a D&D campaign on one of the world's more expensive monitors. (And, for the record, one of those students is the creator of the previously Kotaku featured The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom, so nerd respect up.)


Doubtful that I'll reignite my fleeting elementary school passion in playing a tabletop RPG or be able to afford a Microsoft Surface unit any time soon, but a cool application regardless.

Thanks to Theyab for the heads up!

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