Designed for a Communication Design Fundamentals class, The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom offers a look at the flora and fungi of the Super Mario Bros. universe, a textbook designed for budding botanist bros.

Reader and Carnegie Mellon University student Theyab forwarded us a copy of his creation, which explains the properties (and dangers) of the most common plant life that plumber-adventurers use in their work. The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom would be a handy primer to those new to the effects of Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers—and a serious warning to any Mushroom Kingdom resident who would haphazardly freebase Star Power dust.

"The project was to make an instruction book of my choice so I decided to make a textbook explaining how some of of the flora of the Mushroom Kingdom worked," Theyab explains. "That is if the Mushroom Kingdom was a real place. I tried to make it feel as if it was a book the young toads would read."

Packed with laugh out loud in-jokes and real world references, The Science of the Mushroom Kingdom is an impressive creation. Dean's List worthy, I say!

We'd highly recommend poking through the gallery to enjoy Theyab's work.