Dungeon Runners Dead by the End of the Year

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It's a "crap sandwich" - bad news between two slices of nice - says Dungeon Runners' producer. While the game goes dark New Year's Eve, they'll try to throw as many bones to its fans as they can until then.


Stephen Nichols, putting it bluntly, says "the game just isn't profitable." Though the game's creative team has some ideas for how to inject life back into it, "they're expensive to implement and pretty risky. Those two facts, coupled with the recent loss of some key developers, make achieving the success we seek pretty much out of the question."

They're just a three man team now. (They were five.) So Dungeon Runners is caput when the big ball plops on Times Square. Until then, they put together some parting gifts for the Dungeon Runners community.


First, those with paid memberships as of Sept. 16 get 30 days free in City of Heroes: Architect Edition and Guild Wars: Prophecies. Nichols added that "any of you guys that need refunds for multiple-month membership purchases will be taken care of."

The other slice of bread in the shit sandwich? "We're going out in style," Nichols said, "with a few changes to the game for the coming 'End Time.'" That means more frequent mythic loot drops, cut rate prices at the King's Coin vendors, and quintupling XP gains "to help you finish the game before year's end!"

And what would be a grand finale without a fireworks show? "We're adding a huge nuke to Townston that will blow up on New Year's and take the game down with it."

Dungeon Runners is Shutting Down [Dungeon Runners, thanks Jason J.]

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Dungeon Runners? What the hell is Dungeon Runners?

Oh wait, maybe that's why it's not making any money.