I'm not saying that TNT's new show Perception is necessarily going to be bad, but it's got a ways to go before it's as cool as its interactive dot-matrix advertisement.

The ad, which is on the street in New York, was created by the tech firm Breakfast. In the above ad about the ad (yes, they have those!), you can see people in New York toying around with the sign, which responds to their presence in all manner of nifty ways. (It's something like that cool V Motion Project music video for Kinect that recently aired, only with word puzzles.)


My favorite part, however, is when Breakfast creative director Andrew Zolty describes the show's main character Dr. Pierce as having "the ability to solve anagrams." At which point we snap to a clip of the show, where Dr. Pierce dramatically voice-overs:

"It's another anagram."


Interactive Electromagnetic Dot Matrix Display by Breakfast [Laughing Squid via Kill Screen]

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