Kinect + Dubstep = A Cool New Musical Instrument?

Yes, Kinect is played out. Yes, Dubstep is is the cliched soundtrack for everything we're supposed to think is cool. But when you combine the two, you get something like this, a Kinect-powered full-body instrument called the V Motion Project. It may remind PlayStation 3 gamers of the Move-powered Pixeljunk 4AM. Why not? Body controlled instruments can make interesting music and, more importantly, look damn cool.


For a lot of back-story and programming insight about how the V Motion Project was made, check out co-creator Jeff Nusz's in-depth making-of article at Custom Logic.

The V Motion Project [Vimeo]

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Greg the Mad

What brings me back to the fact that most of modern so called musicians never had one of these in their hands...

... Wait ...