Duct Tape And A Bag Of Rice Helps Disabled Man Get In The Game

Steve Spohn suffers from muscular dystrophy, leaving him physically limited. But thanks to duct tape, a bag of rice and an Xbox 360 controller, he can still get his game on.

Evil Controllers, a company based in Arizona, specialises in modifying existing console peripherals to suit those with special needs. Like Spohn, for whom EC's boss Adam Coe (with help from Ben Heck) whipped up this prototype controller that's modular in design, meaning unlike a standard pad its various components (buttons, thumbsticks, etc) can be moved around to suit the tastes and abilities of the user.

While the controller in the video below is a rough prototype - hence the wires and unfinished body - it works, and Coe wants to make a finished, marketable product out of it.

Spohn, who can only move his fingers, shoulders and calf muscles, is delighted. "It's important for people like me to have access to the outside world," he said. "And for some of us, that's through games."

Charity creates Xbox 360 controller out duct tape, Velcro and a bag of rice [PC World]

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Saw this video of a guy with no arms and legs a while back.. made me think of ways to make people like him a game-controller. In my head I came up with a thing/device you attach to your face, and you could control most of the stuff in a game with facial gestures.. that would probably tire out your face-muscles reaally fast though. Maybe something that's attached to shoulders would work better. It'd be so awesome to actually design controllers for disabled people, they need to enjoy gaming too! :)