DS Games Help Send Florida's Lamest Fugitve Back to the Can

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Not sure who looks worse, Lee Co., Florida, for being unable to catch this guy, or Daniel Larson himself, their No. 1 fugitive, caught after he strolled into a Walmart and stuffed a bunch of DS games down his pants.


Because shoplifting is just textbook How-to-Lay-Low, just a shade less subtle than what the Duke boys usually did after getting sprung from the Hazzard County Jail. Larson, 32, has a heroin habit, and tried to rip off about $120 worth of DS games because, I don't know, GameStop's offering 20 percent store credit toward the purchase of smack? He might have been able to get out of the county jail using a fake ID (yes, really), but get past a Walmart loss prevention officer? Sorry, Lee Co. law enforcement, the big boys are on the case now.

Then again, maybe the cops were the smart ones, figuring they could just wait until Mr. No. 1 Fugitive Man went and did something dumb.


There was no word on what games Larson put in his pants.

Lee County's Most Wanted Fugitive Arrested Trying to Steal Video Games, Police Say [Fort Myers News-Press]

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Rachel Fogg

Oh Larson....where you're going, you DON'T want to call attention to what's in your pants.