DS Can Help Brit Kids Pass Driving Test

When I took my written driving exam in California, I had a pretty simple rule - of all the choices described, the ones that an asshole driver would do were incorrect.

Apparently it is a lot harder in the U.K., where some 40 percent of first time takers of the Driving Theory Test ("theory"?) fail it. This is the test that gives young drivers the British version of a learner's permit, if I understand correctly. I got mine by turning 15 and not killing Coach McCann during driver's ed. Anyway, the point of all this is that Avanquest Software has produced a title that will help the truly hopeless bad drivers of the future breeze through this exam so they can get on the roads and be the truly hopeless bad drivers of today.

Seriously, I know everyone's touting the quality and seriousness of education in Europe and Great Britain, but a driving test that comes with LSAT-level prep software is scaring me a bit. Pass Your Driving Theory Test includes all 1,265 possible questions one could be asked about the safe and legal operation of an auto or motorcycle. Since driving theory exams run about £30, and this thing is £19.99, it represents a £10 hedge against failing the test.

Note: I'm extremely proud of the fact this post doesn't contain a single crack about bonnets, boots, or driving on the wrong side of the road.

Pass Your Driving Theory Test in Stores Today [GoNintendo via Joystiq]

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