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A balky Internet hookup is said to have triggered a Swedish Starcraft enthusiast's random knife attack of a 15-year-old girl.


According to Sweden's Metro, the unnamed 18-year-old assailant "became angry when his internet connection wouldn't work." He then consulted a troubleshooting manual which apparently told him "grab a knife and go outside, that'll solve everything." There he attacked a 15-year-old girl "who was on her way home from a party and laughing with a friend." Take that, you inconsiderate laugher!

Her injuries were not life threatening. Knife guy just got sentenced to psychiatric care. The prosecutor wanted hem tried for attempted murder but the court stepped in and said, no, it's quite likely this guy is nuts.

Oh, this happened Aug. 9. And people say I'm slow with the news.

Starcraft player charged after knife attack [SK Gaming]

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