Driving a Real World Car Like a Video Game Car

It's awesome enough that Rooster Teeth would rig up a Ford with a third-person camera, to attempt to drive like one does in a video game. What really makes this video shine are the Yakuza extras karate-kicking the test subjects.


This is an aspect of video games that was long overdue for the Mythbusters treatment, so, kudos to the geniuses who made it happen. After mounting the camera on a Z-bar hitched to the truck's bumper, they then blacked out the windows so that the driver was forced to use the third-person perspective. God are they driving slow. And still hitting the traffic cones and inflatable pedestrians.

Why does it still boggle my mind that driving a video-game car like a real world car is just as disorienting and deadly as driving a real-world car like a video-game car? What this needs now is Grant Imahara to hook up the steering wheel to an Xbox 360 controller, so that the guy driving can drive with third-person controls and a third-person view in the first person. And I just hurt my brain.

Immersion (Pilot) [Rooster Teeth, thanks Greg B.]


AchromaticMagus Loves Wotter

NOthing...nothing...nothing...nothing...nothing...ok, here's some driving. Wow, they're doing terrible. You'd think like with a game after a few seconds they'd figure out how it drives, at least a little bit. Ok, no driving. Nothing...fighting for some reason...irrelevant...l...loading screen? A loading screen? In the video? Forget this. *closes tab*