To: Crecente
From: Owen
Re: Kansas City

Since you and I both just finished up epic drives across our great nation, I figured I'd address this to you. I'm curious, however, if your journey with your family was anything like mine:

Did you guys:

• See any "game crossing" signs on the highway, particularly in western states? Still kicking myself for not taking a picture of that. I imagined a family of Final Fantasy carts and discs, trundling across the pavement like ducks.

• Encounter multiple 10-mile, single-lane shutdowns for federal stimulus highway construction? It's like we're trying to road-stripe our way back to prosperity or something.

• Stay in any No-Country-For-Old-Men motels? If not, might I recommend the Capri Motel in Twin Falls. It's $50, and free wifi to boot. But the bathrooms are about the size of a high school locker. I found it quite ironic that, in Idaho, I was unable to take a "wide stance" when using the john.

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