Dress Your Xbox Live Avatar In Tron Legacy

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Tron Legacy fashions are coming to your Xbox Live Avatar, sleek skintight outfits that actually look like they're ripped direct from the Grid, unlike those real-world Tron-inspired clothes. Can we interest you in your own mini-Recognizer?


A sneak peek at the upcoming Tron Legacy (and Tron Evolution) additions to your Xbox Live Avatar are in the gallery below, from props to t-shirts to premium themes to clothing that will transform you into a pale imitation of Olivia Wilde as Quorra. Not pictured is the promise of Tron gear from the original 1982 film, a chance to dress like an old-school Tron or Sark.


The following will be available on November 25 for Xbox 360 owners.

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Off topic a wee bit, but, I think the Tron movie is going to be an awful flop. Seriously, this movie has been hyped and marketed to the rafters.

And lets be honest now, I'm all for nostalgia and Jeff Bridges is the bomb, but the original isn't all that good.