This Is Tron Inspired Fashion, Believe It Or Not

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How does a video game movie inspire high end fashion? The new Tron Legacy collection from Opening Ceremony shows us, in the form of light cycle inspired cargo pants, handbags modeled after identity discs and laser cut dresses.


Opening Ceremony's Tron-inspired line, a collaboration with Disney Consumer Products, features neoprene sock boots, bodice tanks and wool pants for the ladies, motorcycle jackets and button downs for the guys. The collection is much brighter, more vibrant than the dark world of Tron Legacy, with intense blues, oranges and yellows dominating.

And nothing here is cheap. Prices range from $230 USD for a women's bodice tank top to $575 USD for a men's moto jacket or women's circle bag.


Personal preference, but I'd much rather own a Tron Legacy style Daft Punk costume than a two-tone orange motorcycle jacket. That's just me.

Tron Legacy (Women) & Tron Legacy (Men) [Opening Ceremony]

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This was inspired by Super Mario.

Can't you see the reference?!?!