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Dreepy Is The Ghost of A Dinosaur That's So Weak Kids Can Kick Its Ass

Illustration for article titled Dreepy Is The Ghost of A Dinosaur Thats So Weak Kids Can Kick Its Ass
Image: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Dreepy!


Dreepy Details

Type: Ghost/Dragon

Average Height: 1' 08”

Average Weight: 4.4 lbs

First Added In Generation VIII

Not all spooky ghosts are scary. Some are funny and then some are just sad, like Dreepy. You’d think, being the ghost of what appears to be a dinosaur would make you pretty cool. But alas, poor Dreepy isn’t very cool. Or strong. In fact, this ghost is so weak and sad children can easily defeat, without any help from Pokemon or weapons. Poor Dreepy.


Yes, according to Bulbapedia, this here ghost dragon is so terrible and pathetic that children could beat it up. I assume children aren’t doing this because that seems cruel to Dreepy and you would hope someone would step in and save the poor thing. But also, getting your ass kicked by a kid sort of puts you on the bottom of the cool and powerful Pokemon list. Sorry, Dreepy.

Dreepy hanging with some friends.
Dreepy hanging with some friends.
Screenshot: The Pokemon Company

Thing is, I get why someone would want to kick this thing. Look at that face. The dude’s got the face of a real goober. I would expect most of Dreepy’s thoughts to be about chicken nuggets and how blue the sky looks today, while it bobs along half-confused about why it walks the planet once more.

Does anybody even want a Dreepy? Are there children out there who are excited to catch one of these sad, little ghosts? I can’t imagine so. All this is enough to make you feel sad for the poor thing. Odds are, it didn’t choose to be brought back to life as a ghost and thrust into the equivalent of dog fights. Yet, here it is, confused, scared, and not quite sure why kids keep beating the shit out of it. Poor Dreepy. Poor, Poor Dreepy.


Favorite Fan Art

Illustration for article titled Dreepy Is The Ghost of A Dinosaur Thats So Weak Kids Can Kick Its Ass
Image: sucreine

Yeah... still has a pretty kickable face here.

Random Facts

  • It is often seen wandering the area of where it once lived. Probably trying to get back to the afterlife or the void.
  • According to Bulbapeida, Dreepy becomes more powerful and can even evolve if it has friends around it. Unforatnely for has no friends. (And your World of Warcraft guildmates don’t count, Dreepy.)
  • It’s evolved forms often fight alongside it. Weirdly, its final form, Dragapult, will often shoot Dreepy at enemies. Dreepy enjoys this, though that sounds like some extra info Dragapult shared with folks to make it seem less shitty.

Best Comment From Last Week

A little sad you chose Sandygast and not its evolved form, Palossand as there’s official art of the latter killing a Pikachu.


Illustration for article titled Dreepy Is The Ghost of A Dinosaur Thats So Weak Kids Can Kick Its Ass
Image: The Pokemon Company

The fuck is wrong with you Pokemon??

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