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Sandygast Is A Sand Monster Who Mind Controls Kids

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Sandygast!

Sandygast Details

Type: Ghost/Ground

Average Height: 1' 08”

Average Weight: 154.3 lbs

First Added In Generation VII

BOO! Did I scare you?!? It’s October, which is my favorite month of the year because it’s Spooky Season! And just like last year, this month’s Here’s Another Pokemon entries will all be spooky and creepy. Today we are looking at Sandygast, a haunted pile of sand that controls children and makes them bring more sand, which helps it grow. It also will fight anyone who dares touch its shovel.


According to Pokedex entries listed on Bulbapedia, Sandygast is formed by suffering and grudges that seep into the sand. So if a Pokemon gets its ass kicked really badly on the beach, you could end up with a Sandygast. Likewise, if someone gets murdered on that same beach, you could also end up with a Sandygast. I wonder if they would be different in their behavior or personality? Regardless of how it comes into existence, once it does it grows a large mouth which is more like a tunnel thought the sand pile that makes up Sandygast. If you stick your hand in here then Sandygast will be able to control you.


Another way Sandygast can control its victims, including children, is if anyone grabs its shovel. You see, every Sandygast has a cute little shovel embedded in its head and if you remove it, you will fall under its control. So what does this creepy pile of sand make people do while it has them under its control? Well, I already told you in the first paragraph. It makes its victims, which are often children, collect and bring it sand. This allows it to grow bigger and bigger.

My biggest question about this creature is what is and isn’t part of the Sandygast. Like obviously the big head sticking out the sand is part of it, but what about the sand below that head? How far down does it go? How spread out is the Sandygast? Where does the normal sand end and the Sandygast begin? Like Bart Simpson’s hairline, we will probably never know that real answer.


Favorite Fan Art


Okay, which one of you jokesters stuck your popsicle in the Sandygast? I ain’t getting it for you. You gotta stick your hand in that thing and get it back yourself.

Random Facts

  • If you take Sandygast’s shovel, it might replace it with a stick or a flag, but it will continue to miss its original shovel. It will even keep searching for it. Now, who’s the monster??? (Still the giant creature that controls kids.)
  • According to Bulbapedia, in the Alola region, sticking one’s hand inside this thing is considered a way to prove how brave you are and also sounds like another stunt to add to the Pokemon version of Jackass.
  • If you are ever in a rap battle with one of these things, here’s a fact: Sandygast has the lowest base speed of all Ghost-type Pokemon.

Best Comment From Last Week

I feel like youve gradually become more comfortable with the idea of pokemon porn while youve been doing this column. So uh, good for you I guess?



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