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Dream Day Wedding Sends Wine By Mail

Illustration for article titled Dream Day Wedding Sends Wine By Mail

When I returned from Germany after covering Gamescom, the last thing I was expecting to be waiting for me in a UPS box was a bottle of Dream Day Wedding-labeled Merlot.


The package came from I-play, purveyors of fine casual games, in celebration of the release of hidden object game Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia. After all, nothing says Bella Italia like a fine Merlot from Trader Joe's, bottled by the Charles Shaw Winery in Napa and Sonoma, California.

While I can't say that Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is the sort of game I'd ever consider playing, I feel I must take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy having bottles of alcohol shipped directly to my apartment. Saves me a run down to QuikTrip for some Boone's Farm.

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Working with video game press seems to be awesome..

You get free games sent to you, free meat and free alcohol... (and who knows, maybe sometimes some free money ;) )