Dream Arcades Offers Street Fighter IV Arcade Solution

Custom arcade game cabinet makers Dream Arcade present the ideal solution for those of you who'd rather shun your big-screen televisions for a more authentic arcade experience for Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter IV.

The Dreamcade Impact is Dream Arcade's answer to Street Fighter purist's prayers. It's a special edition custom arcade cabinet specifically tailored for those who would rather play the console versions of Street Fighter IV in a more genuine arcade fashion. Simply purchase the Dreamcade Impact, wait patiently for it to arrive, and then hook up your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and start playing.


The cabinet comes complete with two sets of authentic controls for head-to-head action, as well as a trackball for those of you who...really want a trackball? It also comes with a selection of Street Fighter titles, including Hyper Street Fighter II - Anniversary Edition, Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike and Street Fighter IV. Now how much would you pay?

Try a lot. The arcade experience never comes cheap, though this time around Dream Arcades is offering two different monitor sizes - the 19 inch starting at $1699, and the 29 inch which will run you $2499 and up.

You'd have to either have a ton of money to throw away or be one hell of a hardcore Street Fighter fan, but if you do fall into one of those two groups, then here's the custom cabinet for you.

Limited Edition Dreamcade Impact [Dream Arcades]

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