Draw Something Adds Hunger Games Words

The Hunger Games is out today, in more ways than just the film release and yesterday's iOS game.


Entertainment site Mashable reports that the insanely popular pictionary game Draw Something received an update today with seven new words, all pertaining to The Hunger Games franchise.

Mashable reports on what words you might see pop up in your next round of Draw Something:

Hunger Games fan or not, Draw Something players are likely to see Peeta, Haymitch, Gale, Effie, Tribute, Reaping, and Primrose show up as options for things to draw.


The possibilities for pop cultural references—a staple that developers OMGPOP proudly incorporated into their mobile pictionary game—are endless.

I'll be impressed if you can both draw and guess these newest items. If you've already seen it pop up in your Draw Something games, post them in the comments section for us.


‘The Hunger Games' Comes to Draw Something [EXCLUSIVE] [Mashable]

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