Hunger Games: Girl On Fire is like Canabalt, but more interactive and based on Lions Gate Films' action drama that comes out tomorrow.

The star of the film (and this iOS game), Katniss, ventures outside the bounds of District 12 where she faces menacing Tracker Jackers. On a never-ending run, Katniss has a surprising resistance against atrophy.

Rather than the simple jumping mechanic that you'll find in the nonstop side scrolling action of Canabalt, Hunger Games: Girl On Fire puts the control of a bow and arrow in your fingertips. While leaping between platforms to avoid obstacles like fire and the shots of the Tracker Jackers, Katniss can aim a shot at her enemies. Some are protected by force field barriers and require multiple shots.

It's at this point that you'll notice how fast paced Girl On Fire can get. Although a franchise going cross-media usually means it loses its original quality, this iOS game is surprisingly well made. Simple mechanics, high intensity and a price tag of free 99 make it an easy sell.


Hunger Games: Girl On Fire [Free, iTunes]