Drake's Voice Actor Says Jackman's the Man

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In a podcast interview, Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake, indicated that Hugh Jackman is the preferred actor - by producers - for the upcoming Uncharted movie.


Desmond - er, Drake - er, North - told the Official Playstation Magazine UK's podcast that not only is Jackman who he'd like to see take on the treasure hunters role, but the film's producers agree too.

Jackman is who I'd like to see. I think the producers would like to see Jackman too, because he has that tough guy exterior, but [...] there's also a lot going on behind his eyes. A lot of emotion and sensitivity on that brusque exterior, and he has great comic timing. He's a phenomenal actor. I just hope I get a part on the movie so I can work with Hugh."


For his part, North said he'd of course "love to do the movie; obviously I'd love to do it as Nathan Drake," however, "I've done film and television and I understand the reality of the business."

Those who follow me on Twitter know I've spent a ton of time in Borderlands lately, but I am also playing Uncharted 2 and for my money, North's work is the best of any big-budget game I've played. And this isn't his first rodeo (Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed). North does have screen credits, but he's right that he's not a marquee name. And it's a shame. He's a heavyweight in video game voice acting and if this business ever delivers a big Hollywood breakthrough for a game actor or actress, he'd be very deserving.

Nolan North Hints Heavily At Hugh Jackman Assuming The Role Of Nathan Drake In The Upcoming Uncharted Movie [PushSquare via Joystiq]

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Frank Hackett

I hate to say it but Nathan kinda looks like Ben Afflack (sp?).... I could see it as long as it's not a daredevil disaster! #uncharted2