Video game hardware sales in Japan are so hot right now, thanks to big spending on Nintendo DSi hardware. This week's figure may not be as impressive as Dragon Quest IX's launch week, but still good news for Nintendo.

The ratio is about the same, with the DSi outselling every other platform combined by a healthy margin. The news isn't as good for the less than 25% of the chart that's not Nintendo hardware, but at least PSP sales are still pumpin'.

Shame about that Xbox 360. Has Microsoft used up all its Japanese role-playing game exclusive funding?

  • Nintendo DSi - 96,986
  • PSP - 24,053
  • Wii - 20,807
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 9,932
  • PlayStation 3 - 8,865
  • PlayStation 2 - 3,352
  • Xbox 360 - 2,899