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Dragon Ladies

Illustration for article titled Dragon Ladies

Dress Up | TOKYO, JAPAN: A Konami event for Gree's Dragon Collection mobile title. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)



From Erotic Games to Murder Charges

In 1999, a thirty-one year-old voice actress under the name Suzuka Yuna voice one of the lead characters in Japanese erotic computer game Triangle Heart 2. More »


A Tale of Two Games of Battlefield 3

I've got to play Battlefield 3 twice this week at Gamescom. Once on PS3 and once on PC. One was OK and one was amazing. We'll start with the OK one first.
That version was the PS3's. More »



So Much Time, So Many Crappy-Sounding 3DS Games.

The Nintendo 3DS gets flack for not having a killer line up. And so far, it doesn't. That flack is largely deserved, but it's flack that will, over time, disappear.
But until that happens, dig in Japanese 3DS owners. More »



Battlefield 3's Multiplayer Blows 128 Socks Clean Off

Battlefield 3's booth at Gamescom was not fucking around. Inside its cavernous hall, at the end of an hours-long wait, were 64 personal computers and an 18-minute round of the game's multiplayer.
It's quite the experience.
Taking place on the game's Caspian Border map, an enormous expanse of... More »



One of Japan's Biggest Developers Will Be Smaller at the Tokyo Game Show

Year after year, Level-5 is one of the biggest draws at the Tokyo Game Show. Except this year.
Level-5 will be at TGS, but it's most likely to be a meeting room, instead of a huge booth like in year's past. More »


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I'd Dragon her uh... Lady? ...


*tosses papers into the air*

Enough of this! I'm done for the night... I need some sleep.

Good day, everyone.