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One of Japan's Biggest Developers Will Be Smaller at the Tokyo Game Show

Illustration for article titled One of Japans Biggest Developers Will Be Smaller at the Tokyo Game Show

Year after year, Level-5 is one of the biggest draws at the Tokyo Game Show. Except this year.


Level-5 will be at TGS, but it's most likely to be a meeting room, instead of a huge booth like in year's past. Instead, Level-5 is holding its own event, "Level-5 World", in October in Tokyo.

"I think the game industry is in transition right now, from new platforms to change in user tastes to the effects of the [March] earthquake," Hino told Famitsu (via 1Up). "I think we've been somewhat slow to respond to this. We've been working on a number of projects in parallel, and earlier this year we realized we'd be too late on much of it for the Tokyo Game Show. That's why we thought it best to hold our own event a month later to better appeal to gamers."


Level-5's decision to pretty much skip TGS will be a gapping hole for the show. The company's booth, and the lines it drew, showed the power of Japanese game development. That power will now be in a private show that's open to the public.

Level-5 World will be held on October 15 and 16 at Tokyo Big Sight and will feature around ten unreleased titles, including unannounced games.

Level-5 Holding Private Expo in October [1Up via @markmacd]

(Top photo: 高原あずさ | きまぐれカメコ日記)

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a) "Level 5 World" sounds like they're omitting another number. Like "Level 5, World 3."

b) I really, really want to play the PS3 Ni No Kuni. Like really. Really badly.