Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets An Original Character Named Android 21

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Revealed in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine V-Jump, the new character was designed by series creator Akira Toriyama and will take part in the game’s alternate timeline story based around the gentle Mohawk giant we all know as Android 16.


According to Siliconera she’s a scientist with an intellect that rivals Dr. Gero, the robotic psychopath who created Cell, Krillin’s wife Android 18, and a whole host of other characters. There’s no word yet on whether she will be playable, but at the very least it’s nice to see Arc System Works steering into the game’s narrative with an original character. Especially one that’s not just another Saiyan.

Bandai Namco also revealed in the latest V-Jump that Yamcha and Tien will be in Dragon Ball FighterZ as playable characters. That brings the game’s roster of currently confirmed fighters up to fifteen (counting Goku and Vegeta’s blue forms).

Based on some of the screenshots, we know that Yamcha will be returning with his iconic Spirit Ball special, an attack almost never works but still looks totally epic, as evidenced in these scenes from the anime. Meanwhile, Tien will have his Neo Tri-Beam attack, a special blast that distinguishes itself from the hundreds of other Ki blasts in the series by virtue of traveling in the shape of a triangle.

But most importantly, Chiaotzu has also been confirmed for the game—as an assist character. That’s right, one of the most bad-ass Z fighters of all time has been side-lined as Tien’s side-kick, possibly only to be called on to self-destruct himself when the going gets tough.


I’m excited to finally be getting back to a traditional-style 2D DBZ fighting game and really curious to see who else will be added before the game releases next February (on PS4, Xbox One, PC, with a Switch version hopefully coming in the future although Bandai Namco hasn’t yet announced any plans on that front). But seriously, no playbale Chiaotzu? He was always my go-to pick through out the Budokai and Tenkaichi games (the kid could use After Image for days) and I’m heartbroken he didn’t make the (complete) cut.



As a huge fan of Unroolie and Yo Video Games, you can guess where my brain went when I read the title. But Yamcha? Man I hope Roshi makes the cut.

On Chiaotzu after the advent of TFS my wife want’s a shirt that say’s Who’s that pokemon, then has a picture of him and says “It’s a Chiaotzu” underneith.