Dragon Age Returns To Ostagar Next Week

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Return to the scene of a king's downfall with the release Return to Ostagar, the latest downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, due out next week for the PC and Xbox 360.


Ostagar is the very first area you visit in Dragon Age: Origins once you make it through your character's original story, though shortly after you get there the location becomes less than welcoming to continued exploration, what with the rampaging hordes of vile creatures and the chance of getting dead king on your boot soles. Return to Ostagar allows players to reclaim the secrets lost on that battlefield. The downloadable content will be available for the PC and 360 on January 5th, with the PlayStation 3 version arriving later in January.

"We are thrilled at the way the fans have embraced Dragon Age: Origins and we're excited to welcome them back into the game," said Aaryn Flynn, General Manager and Vice President, BioWare Edmonton. "Return to Ostagar represents BioWare's commitment to providing a steady stream of compelling post release content as we continue to expand the Dragon Age universe."


As reported previously, Return to Ostagar will run 400 Microsoft points, 400 BioWare points, or $4.99 depending on your system.

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Am I the only person that thinks milking customers for extra cash mere weeks after a game launch is a despicable practice? I'm actually glad I didn't buy this game: I'm not supporting this "let's see how much more we can squeeze out of 'em" business model.