Dragon Age: Origins Gets Day One DLC

The Warden's Keep, a downloadable add-on to Dragon Age: Origins that BioWare had been planning for some time, will be available as paid DLC the day the game releases, GameSpot reports.


Warden's Keep draws its name from the Grey Wardens, an ancient order involved in Dragon Age's canon. The DLC delivers a dungeon-based adventure, new abilities and items, and a trading base. It will cost 560 Microsoft points on Xbox Live Marketplace and $7 on the PC when the game goes out Nov. 3, and then for $7 on the PS3 when that version hits Nov. 17.

Additionally, BioWare said another piece of DLC, "The Stone Prisoner," will also be available day one. That pack is free to those who preroder the game or buy it new. For those who have to pay for it, it will be instantly available for 1,200 Microsoft points or $15.

Dragon Age Getting DLC Expansion on Day One [GameSpot]


Gotta fuckin' love how you pay $50-60 for a a full length game and then get suckered into paying 1/5 of that price for what'll most likely be no more than an hour of gameplay, or worse, just items/skins.

Until this generation I've never seen so many people willingly get ripped off and add a "Thank you" on the end of it.

I'm not claiming innocence either, I've bought more bullshit DLC than I'd like to admit, but it doesn't drive me any less crazy.