Dragon Age II Preorders Score A Free Signature Edition Upgrade

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BioWare is upgrading copies of Dragon Age II preordered before January 11 to the Signature Edition, packed with $20 worth of downloadable content, a soundtrack, and an in-game armory. It's like a preorder bonus, only...okay, it's a preorder bonus.


BioWare is calling it a free upgrade to a collector's edition, but let's call a spade a spade. Giving fans who preorder the game before a certain point extra content is a preorder bonus. That preorder bonus consists of a CD containing the game's soundtrack, a download code for an additional playable character and new missions, and an armory players can access in-game, stocked with various equipment.

It's a preorder bonus. Looking at it another way, it's a way of limiting the value of used copies, much like BioWare and EA did by including downloadable content with new copies of Dragon Age: Origins.


"Over the past 15 years, we've been privileged to have the support of a passionate community of fans, who continue to grow in number with every game we release," said Dr. Ray Muzyka, Senior Vice President of Electronic Arts and co-founder and Group General Manager of BioWare. "The BioWare Signature Edition of Dragon Age II is a chance for us to reward loyal fans who pre-order the game by providing them with additional high-quality content for free."

Or I guess you could call it a way to reward loyal fans.

The Dragon Age II Signature Edition will only be available for preorder through January 11. Existing preorders will receive a free upgrade.


Dragon Age II is slated for a March 8 release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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Rewarding loyal fans? Bioware? Seriously?

I mean, i love their games, but, especially since joining EA, bioware isn't a company that rewards loyal fans.

Think about it. I bought Mass effect on day 1, and bought all the DLC. Then they release a GOTY edition, with not just the DLC, but also the making off and some other exlusive shit. There was no way for me to get it, but to buy the GOTY edition(i Downloaded it, so yes there was another way)

Same goes for dragon age. I bought Dragon age, twice actually. For PC and 360. And bought quite a bit of DLC for the PC version. But nope, the're releasing a GOTY edition again. Including not just the DLC, but also the expansionpack i also bought.

How is that rewarding your fans? I buy every bioware product out there only to realize that if i'd have waited i'd get a better version of the game, with ALL DLC, and content you can't get if you either pre-order or buy the game early.