Dozens of Tester Jobs Affected in Sony QA Consolidation

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Sony Computer Entertainment America is consolidating its two QA groups in one location, meaning 30 staff positions are being sent from the Bay Area to San Diego, Calif., and we hear another 100 contract positions were affected.


SCEA's Patrick Seybold confirmed to Kotaku the consolidation of the company's first-party QA operations, saying the decision was made to reduce costs and streamline its QA work through a single facility.

A source with knowledge of the Foster City operation told Kotaku that SCEA's location there had roughly 100 contract employees. Seybold didn't comment on exact numbers but did say "We also aim to have a contingency work force in San Diego," dependent on seasonal need, the same as in Foster City. Regardless, while Foster City's tester positions might be headed south this winter, the testers who held them probably won't.

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