Final Fantasy fans will have plenty to download on their Nintendo Wii consoles this year, with two WiiWare titles and the appearance of the original games on the Virtual Console.

Formally announced at Nintendo's keynote at the 2009 Game Developers Conference, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord is the follow up to last year's My Life as a King, so one would reason it's the same thing, only different. It's joined on WiiWare by Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, a port of the official FFIV sequel released last year for Japanese cell phones.


This year also sees the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo Final Fantasy titles making an appearance on the Wii Virtual Console, beginning with the original and following the natural order of things after that.

With the original games already re-released umpteenth times and My Life as a King definitely not my cup of tea, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is really the only truly exciting news, and we sort of knew about that already.


Dear Nintendo. Don't tease us with Square Enix news when this is all you have to show for it.


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