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Doritos Mystery Flavors Revealed -- "Spicy Street Taco" Wins

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this year Snacktaku reviewed the three mystery flavors released for the Doritos Jacked line of corn chips. Now the names are officially revealed, and my favorite is retired in favor of my next screen name, "Spicy Street Taco".

First off, let's see how accurate my taste buds were. I'll give the bag color, how I described it, and the official name.


Blue Bag — "Burnt Chocolate" — Official name: "Chocolate Chipotle Bacon"

I was pretty damn close. I got chocolate, I got spice — I missed bacon, but is chip bacon ever really bacon?


Orange Bag — "Citrus BBQ" — Official name: "Caribbean Citrus Jerk"

Again, pretty damn close. I got citrus, spice, and I was a real jerk tasting it. I win.

Red Bag — "My Mouth Hurts and Cheese" — Official name: "Spicy Street Taco"

Let's see. "A bold combination of sriracha sauce and savory taco spices cooled with a kick of sour cream." That's the official description. Oh, I was way off. I just said "fuck ow" a lot.


Unfortunately, the Red Bag garnered the most votes, so "Spicy Street Taco" should soon... ahahaha. I just can't get over the name. It's like the worst member of G.I. Joe ever.

Anyway, they'll be in stores this fall.