Doodle Jump Hits Five Million

The creators of Doodle Jump, the addictive platformer for the iPhone, believe their app is the first to break five million downloads from the iTunes store. That means they've taken in more than $3 million.

That's if the developer/iTunes split of revenue is still 70/30; the app sells for 99 cents. The creation of brothers Igor and Marko Pusenjak has gotten a big assist from strong reviews (like ours) and its listing among the 25 best-selling apps for nearly a year.


Doodle Jump's been such a hit that it's gotten props from Jimmy Fallon to Lady Gaga, and the brothers Pusenjak have quit their jobs to dedicate their attention tothe game, its many updates and fresh new themes, and an iPad-specific version they say is in the works.

Apple does not release figures for competing apps, so while the Pusenjaks' claim of 5 million downloads is based on Apple data, their claim of being the first to that figure isn't verified. But getting there in a little over a year is incredibly impressive.

Doodle Jump Reaches Five Million Downloads [The New York Times]

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