Don't Take Japanese Women To These Places On Dates...

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Well, we'll get to that in a sec. And there is a game connection, so hold your horses! Japanese website Escala Cafe polled 500 women between the ages 20 and 29 years old about dating.


Japanese women might decide they'd like to go on a date, but the site asked its members which locations picked by their date would be considered "unbelievable" — meaning, places most of them would prefer not to go. Here's the raw data:

1. Pachinko Parlor (or place of gambling): 56 percent
2. Anywhere OK: 11 percent
3. Manga Cafe: 9.8 percent
4. Love Hotel: 7.8 percent
5. Beef Bowl Restaurant: 5 percent
6. Game Center: 3.6 percent
7. Karaoke Box: 2.2 percent
8. Camping: 1.8 percent
9. Ramen Restaurant: 1.4 percent

Tough ladies! Those are like my favorite places. The website does give reasons for a couple, explaining why they were selected by the women. For example, gambling is looked down upon, so women don't want to encourage that by going to a pachinko parlor. Some women think that manga cafes or game centers are bad date locations because those are places one can go alone — or not necessarily on a date.

The website does point out that some women do like going to these places, and that the ranking serves only to hopefully help men.

ラーメン屋や牛丼屋に誘われるのは、意外と嬉しい!? 20代女性に聞く「これはナシ! だと思うデート先」ランキング [Escala via 痛いニュース] [Pic]


So out of all these women, "My Place" is better than most of those options? ;) Nice