Don't. Preorder. Video. Games.

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Don’t. Preorder. Video. Games.


Luke Plunkett

The press release is hilariously gross.

Player Choice Prevails with Augment Your Pre-Order Campaign

Square Enix also revealed “Augment Your Pre-Order” - the pre-order campaign for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided*, in which increasing tiers of pre-order bonuses will be unlocked as more copies of the game are reserved, worldwide in select countries. The campaign will give fans an opportunity to collectively expand and enhance their own customized Day One Edition of the newest entry in the Deus Ex® franchise. In the spirit of emphasizing player choice, fans will be able to choose which pre-order bonuses they will receive from each unlocked tier. In addition the fans will have the opportunity to shift the official release date early by 4 days.