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Well, that National Post thing went out the door at little early, so in return I give you a look at another story dated (echo chamber) FROM THE FUTURE ... In tomorrow's Austin American-Statesman is, or will be, a story by their gaming writer, Lilly Rockwell. She talked to Michael Gallagher, described as "one of the game industry's top lobbyists" but not the president of the Entertainment Software Association. Curious. Anyhow, we're familiar with the fact Texas is courting developers with incentives, and Gov. Rick Perry's appearance at E3 says as much. But tucked in the story is this little nugget:

Gallagher praised Texas for passing an incentive package last year that was aimed at the movie industry but contained a provision for game companies to receive up to $250,000 per project. But Gallagher said he didn't like the free-speech restrictions in the law, including "a content requirement about not disparaging Texas." "Those types of speech restrictions in general are not viewed in favor by the courts. They tend to lead to a lot of problems down the road," he said.


WTF?! "Non-disparagement" of an entire state? When, I mean, there is a LOT, no offense — shit, look at King of the Hill. Look, there's no reason to go picking a fight with Texas, but if Lego: No Country For Old Men comes out and Gov. Perry thinks the minifigs are a little demeaning to Lone Star Stateians, what the hell happens then? Video Game Makers Lobby for Attention [Austin American-Statesman]

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