Don't Let the Chewing Gum Penis Distract You

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This is singer Kaela Kimura. She's from Tokyo. The dialects throughout Japan are different—something Kotaku has covered before.

In a recent series of chewing gum commercials, Kaela speaks in the Osaka dialect, instead of her usual Tokyo dialect. Her accent is overblown, and its all for comic effect. It's pretty funny!

But goodness, forget her accent—check out that chewing gum on her head! Hardly subliminal, and reminiscent of that embarrassing bean hat nerd idol Shoko Nakagawa donned a few years back.


30s 木村カエラ CM 明治 キシリッシュ ガム星人カエラ [YouTube]

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Karljohan Pettersen

I must say, the effectiveness of the chewing gum=penis analogy escapes me. I mean I would expect a significant portion of the potential market to find the idea of chewing on a penis off-putting. Then again, I don't speak japanese, so I'm probably missing vital content regarding the clip.