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Don't Destroy My Anime Figurine, Please

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Hello! This week we figure out a secret way to get more Spider-Men, discover a weird trick Sindel can do, take photos of strangers in the Old West, learn how to become John Wick and destroy some anime figurines.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Like most weeks, Kotaku was filled with some great stories. Here are a few of my favorites!


Sure, Rockstar doesn’t seem to be adding much to Red Dead Online these days, but that just means players are coming up with really cool ways to have fun without new DLC.


This is the closest we are ever going to get to a Spiderverse game, sadly.

For some reason this reminds me of Midtown Madness. Did anyone else play that? I remember playing that on my grandparent’s old PC when I was young.


Like clockwork, Nintendo is screwing up a simple thing that involves the internet.



This is a great Easter egg and really makes me want to go back and finish this game. I should. I really should.


Is this a bug or a feature?


This might be staged. But I hope not. The face of that man as he kicks his figurine is too good to be fake. Right?


Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

Team Rocket is here and ready to destroy your AR world.

I can’t wait to play this game. I know some folks are disappointed that it isn’t just Max Payne 3 reskinned, but this looks more interesting and honestly a better way to do all the cool shit Wick does.

Rocket League has basically become Smash Bros. for famous cars and vehicles. I’m totally fine with that.

The last game ran like shit on consoles and didn’t feel great. Hope this is better.