Don't Bet On Seeing a Pitcher on MLB 13 The Show's Cover

Odds are strong that the cover of MLB 13 The Show will be graced by a National League hitter, as six of seven candidates in this fan-voted contest are batters, and five of them are from the senior circuit.


The field was completed yesterday, leaving the Yankees' C.C. Sabathia as the lone hurler and Detroit's Miguel Cabrera as the only other American League representative. N.L. MVP Buster Posey leads L.A.'s Matt Kemp, Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutcheon, Milwaukee's Ryan Braun and Washington rookie Bryce Harper in a beauty pageant to be determined by social media balloting.

No pitcher has ever appeared on the cover of this game. MLB 2K put a pitcher on its cover three of the past four years, probably because of marketing tie-ins with its perfect game contests from 2010 forward. The game will not release this year.


Voting begins on Jan. 7 and runs for all of four days, through Jan. 11, no doubt constrained by the attention given to the NFL playoffs in that span. (Jan. 7 also is when the BCS National Championship game will be played in college football.)

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Crazy Uncle Nikola

Buster Posey FTW that guy played like a season veteran in his rokey season. He just completed his first full season this year and already has the attitude and knowledge of someone who's played for at least 5 years. On top of that he came back big after suffering a major injury that left him on the DL for most of 2011.