Domain Registrations Point to Fable: The Journey and Three New Kinect Games

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Going by a tweet from Superannuation, Microsoft has registered domains for four yet-to-be-announced games, including a brand new Fable game. The tweet lists a series of "Whois" domain records for the following sites;


Those domains point to four games with varying levels of previous confirmation. Kotaku reported in March that sequels to Kinect Sports and Dance Central were likely among Microsoft's E3 Kinect lineup. The name Kinect Fun Labs has also been circulating as a likely new Kinect title.


The most dramatic discovery is most definitely a potential new Fable title, presumably titled Fable: The Journey. Up until now there has been no indication that a new game was on the way, but in the company of three nearly confirmed games, it's hard to ignore. Add to that the fact that Peter Molyneux has been hanging out with Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski at the show, despite the fact that Molyneux has no announced title on the books this year, and we can assume, or at least hope, that Molyneux's presence implies that the game is real.

Since the evidence for all of this is rooted in domain registration, nothing is certain. Don't take any of this as gospel. We'll find out what's what at Microsoft's E3 keynote tomorrow. [Joystiq]



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