Dog Or Helicopter?

Gif: Helen Laura Morrey (Instagram)

Hello! This week we check out the new Spongebob game, learn what NPCs do in Fallout 76 when you drop a nuke on them, find out who Selena Gomez is suing for $10 million, get rid of annoying villagers in Animal Crossing and watch a dog fly away.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

That’s good because it is going to be happening a lot.

Animal Crossing doesn’t always have to be a game about nice animals and cozy villages. It can get...dark...


I really do hope Rockstar and other studios can actually fix their crunch problems and make games without hurting people.


Cloud was raised in a barn.



CJ gets nasty on his live streams.


“Computer, create a bar where everyone knows my name and they are also glad I came.”


That tail is so mesmerizing. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched it spin and spin and spin and spin......

(Orignal Instagram post here.)


Trailers And Videos From The Past Week

This looks... good!? A new(ish) 3D platformer with fun visuals and big boss fights sounds great.

Mario ain’t coming to your weird mobile Olympic Games app, Sonic.

Such a cool idea. I want to seem more, smaller, experimental games from long-running franchises, like Xcom. I think it can help give devs a chance to try something new and who knows, find a new feature or story element they bring to future games.

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