Does Uncharted 3 Have On-the-Disc Premium DLC?

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Though Uncharted 3 isn't officially on shelves until Tuesday, some have found it through independent retailers where the game already is in stock. Naturally, you get a game before its street date, you go through the online menu just to see what's available, even though Uncharted 3's online access doesn't begin until Nov. 1.


In so doing, some have found premium skins for the game's characters, listed with a preview image. Multiplayer functionality doesn't begin until Nov 1. DualShockers suggests that it means the game is drawing its previews from the disc, which means when you buy these premium costumes all you're doing is unlocking content already on the disc.

As this image from Reddit shows, players can preview selections like Wetsuit Drake, Cameraman Jeff or Nepal Chloe. That said, Uncharted 3 does have a quasi-Online Pass-ish "Fortune Hunters Club," which offers some online stuff to those who buy at retail, but must be paid for if you get the game used. Maybe these skins are part of that. It still looks a little cheesy.


Uncharted 3 May Have Day One DLC Already on the Disc [DualShockers]

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Stopping games from being sold used used to be the excuse for this abhorrent practice. Now, with online pass, what's their excuse? Usually "servers cost money." Yes, online servers cost money (not much, relatively speaking). But they factored that cost into the $60. When you sell your game used, YOU don't get to keep playing it online. The person you sold it to, does. That server time HAS been paid for — by the original purchaser. If you saw a parking meter with 30 minutes left, would you expect a ticket for parking there for 29 minutes — since you didn't pay for the original 30, but rather received it "used" from the previous person who parked there?

The other thing? Any DLC already purchased by the original purchaser cannot be transferred and will often be purchased AGAIN by the person who bought it used — effectively adding another $10 or $15 "online pass" bonus bucks to the $10 already being paid by the used gamer for the shitty online pass. If this on-disc DLC is charged for, it will, oftentimes with used sales, be charged for TWICE (original purchaser + used purchaser).

Folks, online pass is an anti-consumer way of shitting on loyal gamers. Just as on-disc DLC was (and is). Neither practice is good for people who play games — used or new. Neither is good for developers and, in the long run, neither will be good for publishers. If you give a DAMN about gaming, developers or publishers, you will stand up against on-disc DLC and online passes. If the game features either, I highly suggest GameFly or another rental outfit. Purchase games that REWARD you for your purchase, rather than punishing you for it.