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Welsh-speaking people, game developers Arberth Studios needs your help. Instead of shelling out £16,500 (US$27,000) to have its game professionally translated, the studio is asking for the next best thing: Free help.


The title, Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches, is based on medieval Welsh folk tales.

"We have to try and translate this game into Welsh, but there's just not enough Welsh speakers in the gaming market to justify the translation costs," said the studio's Noel Bruton. "Sources suggest there are around 600,000 Welsh speakers overall. A lesser number would be gamers, and only around one in 20 gamers might be interested in an adventure game."

However, Burton adds, that doesn't mean the game should not be translated. Ironically, the studio is based in Wales, but the English-born developers don't know enough Welsh to localize the 30,000 in-game words.

The developer does offer would-be translators "something" if "something" is made from sales of the Welsh version.


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