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Doctor Worries That 3DS Will Turn Children Cross-Eyed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To achieve the effect of 3D, the Nintendo 3DS fools the brain into combining two images into a single one, thereby creating the appearance of 3D. One Japanese eye doctor is worried about this.

Granted, other eye doctors previously stated that 3D is safe — some even said it was "beneficial" for children. However, Nintendo is being safe and recommending that children under the age of six do not use the handheld's 3D features.


The reason for this is that young children's eyes are still developing. Nintendo is not alone in issuing such a warning as other electronics companies are doing the same.

Nara-based optometrist Takuya Matsumoto blogged about the 3DS's warning, adding that there are acute cases that have developed due to 3D.


Dr. Matsumoto points out that 3D strains the eyes because both eyes are not focusing on a single point. They are focusing on different points.

There's a case of a 4-year-old boy with somewhat far-sightedness who after watching a 3D movie became crossed-eyed, blogs Dr. Matsumoto. This condition resulted in surgery.


"I think this is a rare case," Dr. Matsumoto continued, "but it might be safer not to show children under six any 3D images, just like the company's warning." The doctor adds that children under six years old can still enjoy the Nintendo 3DS's 2D functions, something that Nintendo previously pointed out, too.

ある奈良県の眼科医が目について書いたブログ : 3D映像は6歳以下の子供、幼児の目に悪い。ニンテンドー3DSでも幼児は3D機能を使わないようにと。その理由は調節と輻輳のバランスが崩れ斜視が誘発される障害の可能性が。 [ある奈良県の眼科医が目について書いたブログ via 2ch] [Pic]