Doctor: No Evidence Of 3D Causing Eye Damage

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Dr. Mark Borchert, an ophthalmologist who is one of the best of his kind, has told Gamasutra that 3D gaming might not be as dangerous as some would have you believe.


Because the technology is so new, and because so many people have reported discomfort after using it, there are fears that 3D could lead to permanent vision damage in viewers.

"It's not likely to cause any permanent harm to vision," Borchert tells the gaming industry website.


"There are people who get uncomfortable with it, and get eye strain or headaches, or on much rarer occasions, a sense of imbalance or nausea, but there's no evidence it can cause permanent harm to your vision or use of both eyes together or anything like that."

That's bound to make some people feel better, but remember, just because there's no evidence now that 3D doesn't cause damage doesn't mean there won't be later. After all, smoking was just dandy in the 40s, and look how that turned out.

That's why companies like Nintendo are in the midst of researching the effects of the new technology. The last thing a video game console manufacturer needs is a bunch of blind kids on its conscience (or legal bills).

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With all due respect to Nintendo (and I really love Nintendo) corporations do not have a conscience. In fact, they are legally required not to have a conscience, and work towards the best bottom line possible at the behest of their stockholders. Heck, many officers who try to run a corporation in a moral manner find themselves voted out pretty quickly unless they're otherwise completely outstanding at their jobs.

(Some) Individuals have a conscience. Corporations are artificial constructs that have no care but profit for their shareholders. This doesn't make them evil, but it does make them amoral. Don't ascribe human traits to something fundamentally inhuman, please. ^_^