DmC's Puzzling Use of the Words "Obesity" and "Stupidity"

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The latest DmC: Devil May Cry footage shows off some of the game's platforming as well as the giant wall-crawler, Succubus. That's not all.


In the trailer, words like "die", "obesity", "stupidity" flash in the background. "Kill Dante" also appears. Subtle, no? (Then again, when has Devil May Cry been subtle?)

Not subtle, sure, but this could be seen as insensitive. Choosing "obesity" along with the word "stupidity" is puzzling. Are the game's developers saying being overweight is the same as being stupid? Wouldn't it be better to use words like "gluttony" or "sloth"? "Obesity" is an odd choice from a Western developer. The comparison is even odder.


Some people are, well, obese. They try to lose weight, but perhaps they cannot—no matter how hard they try. It's not a character issue or a discipline issue. And there's nothing stupid about that.

Worse yet, it's as though DmC's creators are equating being overweight with being an idiot. That doesn't mean this was their intention, but flashing them on the screen at the same time invite comparison, if only by default. Which is unfortunate.

DmC最新プレイ動画 [YouTube via Famitsu]

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