DJ Hero Controller Now Sold By Its Lonesome

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Players interested in making their DJ Hero experience slightly more social can now order standalone controllers online from


Up until now, if you wanted to play DJ Hero multiplayer you were limited to playing online, playing with a guitar controller during select songs, or purchasing two prohibitively expensive copies of the game. (formerly now adds a fourth option: spending $70 on an additional turntable. It's still pretty expensive for a single-use device, but it's sure as hell cheaper than spending $119.99 on another copy of the game.

The DJ Hero standalone turntable controller is available in Wii Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 flavors.

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What is the point of a standalone peripheral except to steal more shelf space from competing products?

I could understand if more than one game actually needed it...but at the moment there's only one game that requires it and it currently comes with the hardware already.

Unless this is Activision's way of hinting that DJ Hero: Daft Punk will be hitting stores in the next few months.